Music Samples

OMP Production Samples

Click on the Play button of any of the mp3 players, below, to hear anything from a short sample to a full song. Enjoy!

Josh Borella

From Josh's new CD recorded at OMP, Left On Upland...

  • Falling, Quick Mix (The Before OMP Version)

     Omega Music Productions: Josh Borella Before

  • Falling, with OMP Production (The After OMP Version)

     Omega Music Productions: Josh Borella After

Sasha Evans

Here's 30 seconds from a demo Sasha recently recorded at OMP...

  • Take a Walk With Me
     Omega Music Productions: Sasha Evans

Randy Rusk

Innocent Grace, by Randy RuskFrom Randy's latest CD, Innocent Grace, we have six clips, below. A couple of them are full length songs and the rest are short samples to give you the feel. All were recorded and produced right here at OMP. Be sure to visit to purchase a copy of the CD! (...or just to see what Randy's up to)


  • The Only Answer (Full Song)

     Omega Music Productions: Randy Rusk

  • Innocent Grace

     Omega Music Productions: Randy Rusk

  • Frankenstein in Eden (Full song)

     Omega Music Productions: Randy Rusk

  • Give It To Me

     Omega Music Productions: Randy Rusk

  • You're My Girl

     Omega Music Productions: Randy Rusk

  • Rainbows In The Mud

     Omega Music Productions: Randy Rusk

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