Services and Rates

Omega Music Productions (OMP) offers a comfortable recording environment, state-of-the-art equipment, and expert assistance in realizing your artistic vision.

Production options:

Studio Rate, including Art Brueggeman and Randy Rusk - $85 per hour 

Basic Recording - Client performances

  • Free set-up (up to one hour)
  • Basic Tracks - Rhythm tracks, lead vocal
  • Overdubs - Back-up vocals, solos
  • Quick Mix (complete session)

             Solo artist typically 2 - 3 hrs
             Full band typically 4 - 6 hrs

  • OMP amps, guitars, keyboards available for client studio use

Mixing and mastering, at Studio Rate of $85 per hour

  • Track editing (creating composite tracks from multiple takes)
  • Adding effects (compression, EQ, delay/verb, etc.)
  • Advanced vocal editing (pitch correction, de-essing)
  • Analog warmth (processing through Neve 5042 true-tape emulator)
  • Final processing (multiple software plug-ins and outboard equipment)

Arrangement and Production - OMP staff  Rates Vary

Creating additional instrumental and vocal tracks to fill out arrangement:

  • Back-up vocals
  • Bass
  • Drums
  • Percussion
  • Lead guitar
  • Keyboards (acoustic and electric piano, pads, strings, horns, etc.)
  • Color instruments (resonator guitar, banjo, mandolin)

Costs/rates for musician services, including the creation of drum and synth tracks, vary depending upon the extent of services required.

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