I had such a positive and memorable experience recording my first children's CD with Omega Music Productions that I didn't hesitate to call on them when it was time to record vocal tracks for my second album. My first day back in the studio felt like a homecoming as Art and Randy greeted me with the same warm welcome I had remembered. 

I was thrilled to walk into their recording studio and find that it was even more spacious than the last time I had last been there!  
I instantly felt relaxed and comfortable as a vocalist, as well as impressed once again with their latest state-of-the art equipment. 
We soon got to work on my material, and Randy and Art approached my project with a professionalism, respect  and mastery that is the mark of Omega Music Productions. They also worked in conjunction with my out-of-state children's music producer, sending and sharing files that facilitated an easy collaboration. I am once again thrilled with the results and forever grateful to Art and Randy for their creativity and skillfulness as engineers and musicians. I'm glad I came back!

Cheryl Procaccini, Singer/Songwriter
Birdsong and the Eco-Wonders


We are so grateful for the two opportunities we had to work with Omega Music Productions.  Kyle and Benjamin (Sharp Turn Ahead) had their first (ever) studio experience, with Randy Rusk and Art Brueggeman,  during the late Spring.   Kyle and Benjamin went into the recording studio to record vocals for their first original song (“California Ain’t That Far”…music by Dan McKim and lyrics co-written by Dan McKim.) 

The experience could have been an intimidating one for Kyle and Benjamin, but Art and Randy were so professional, and so patient, and made the boys feel completely comfortable, and all of us, right at home.

 The boys went back into the studio just a couple weeks ago (Friday after Thanksgiving) to record three cover songs.  This time, Kyle and Benjamin were going to be playing all of the instruments for the tracks, in addition to recording the vocals.  Again, what could have been a stressful experience for the boys, not ever having played their music for a recording before, was a completely enjoyable time in the studio. 

Art and Randy have a truly great partnership, and their combined areas of expertise always result in a fabulous final product.  They each bring their specific points of “perfectionism” to the production, and in collaboration with Kyle and Benjamin, deliver a fine-tuned recording, and a truly positive experience for everyone involved.

We can’t say enough good things about Art and Randy, and anyone looking for an intimate and involved studio session, is in good hands with Omega Music Productions.

Art and Randy….Thanks so much for your effort and for your commitment to quality.

We look forward to many more collaboration opportunities, with Kyle and Benjamin, in the future.

The Sharp Family

Kyle and Benjamin (Sharp Turn Ahead)

Brandon and Carla

My daughter and I were fortunate to find ourselves in Omega Music Productions studio. We've had a long and wonderful relationship with Randy and were delighted to meet and work with Art, an equally warm and enthusiastic professional.

My 16 year old daughter was at the studio to make her first recording of a new song she had just completed. Having never recorded before she was quite nervous. Art and Randy put her at ease in this casual environment. We were invited to participate in the creative process transforming the recording into a broader learning experience. 

Thank you very much.

Brian and Ainsley Henderon


 Dear Omega Music Productions--

Just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was to work with you.  We are totally satisfied with the recording and would recommend your services to anyone.  Your state of the art equipment and willingness to go the extra mile to make it a success were very much appreciated.

All the best in the future

Jim Bray

San Clemente Ca

September 2010


My husband, 8 string guitarist, Andrew Schulman and I recorded a 15 song album at Omega Music Productions – produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Art Brueggman and Randy Rusk.

Andrew and I live in New York City and have made several recordings there working with some of the finest engineers and producers in the recording industry – alumni of Vanguard Records, RCA Red Seal, CBS Masterworks, SONY Classical, etc. who recorded and/or produced such artists as Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Daniel Barenboim, Robert White, Vince Herring, Yo Yo Ma, and Richard Stoltzman among others.   I have to say that working with Art and Randy was every bit as satisfying professionally, artistically, and personally.  They are both consummate musicians, recording professionals and human beings and their studio is absolutely state of the art.  Every aspect of our experience making this record with them has been first class.

Making a 15 song record from recording to mixing to mastering is no small task to begin with but we had the added challenge of doing all our post-production work long distance i.e. between Laguna Hills and New York City.  Andrew and I recorded the basic tracks (vocal, steel string guitar and 8 string classical guitar) “live” at Omega Music Productions – multi-tracked but together in the same room in real time. After returning to New York City, our violinist laid down tracks for 12 of the songs at a studio in the city and an archtop guitarist friend of ours laid down a 3rd guitar part on two songs at his studio in Woodstock, New York.  All of which was facilitated by Art and Randy doing rough mixes of the basic vocal/guitars, emailing files to us and our studios here in New York and our sending the additional instrumental tracks back to them. Randy then added percussion to several of the songs at Omega Music Productions.

Last, Art and Randy did final mixes and mastering.  Having made 6 albums before this one I know that of all the elements of making a record, mixing is the one that most requires a team effort between artist(s) and engineers/producers in that ideally it should be done with everyone present in the same room at the same time. But this was logistically impossible so Art and Randy did mixes in batches, emailed files to me, I listened, sent back “yay’s or nay’s” with comments, and if/when necessary revisions were made and re-sent to me.

This way of working could have easily been a nightmare but it was nothing short of a delightfully creative experience because Art and Randy are true artists and don’t let their egos get in the way of creating the best possible finished product.  We had very few musical problems in the first place because they’re so good at what they do, but when there were things that I thought needed revising they were completely open to re-working and trying new approaches in order to end up with something that we could all be proud of.

I cannot recommend Art Brueggman, Randy Rusk and Omega Music Productions highly enough to anyone (no matter what part of the country they live in) who wants to make a first class record or demo at a very reasonable cost and have a magnificent time doing it.

My Omega Music Productions record, “The Cloths of Heaven” is in the final stages of being packaged and should be finished by June 1st so keep an eye out on the Omega Music Productions website if you want to hear the fruits of our labor!

Wendy Sayvetz
New York City based folk-singer


"They know what to do and they do it extremely well. Art and Randy’s combined talent and enthusiasm for music and the recording process is refreshing. They have achieved an environment that is both professional and comfortable for not only the recording of music, but also its creation. Their combination of masterful technical ability, deep musical understanding, and generosity is rare and I am very fortunate to have met them both. Thanks for everything guys. I will be back soon."

Nick Martus


"My experience recording at Omega Music Productions Studio far exceeded my expectations. Art & Randy made the entire creative process easy and enjoyable from beginning to end. Together they combined their individual strengths to bring to our project the finest in recording expertise and technology. I felt just the right “mix” - of respect for my artistic ideas and their expert guidance in recording and producing. Randy’s guitar talents added a great dimension to the feel of our song, Love is the Greatest Gift. OMP met our timeline easily and we are delighted with the results. I fully recommend this high- quality, well equipped recording studio. We are looking forward to our next song with Omega! Oh, and don’t forget to try Art’s special roasted pecans!"

DIANA CORBO, Song Project Manager-www.aheartlikegods.com



"I loved working with Omega Music Productions!  Randy Rusk's guitar-playing prowess and musical instincts combined with Art Brueggeman's studio recording expertise provided for a pleasurable, highly productive recording session. They captured my sound, and then mixed and produced a solid demo that I am proud to present to music industry professionals. I have gotten a wonderful response to it, and in fact have begun discussions with a couple of indie labels. Thanks guys! When I need more work done, you'll be first on my list."

Sasha Evans

"Omega Music Productions has made my recording experience the best ever! Art and Randy offer a perfect blend of creativity, honesty, musical insight, and technical expertise to help produce awesome music with the highest degree of quality. Their supportive and constructive guidance helped raise the level of my songs beyond what I could have ever expected.

Omega Music Productions cares about your music and makes creating and recording music, FUN!! I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to record with Art and Randy and will recommend their professional services to any aspiring or established musician interested in recording their music. Rock on Omega!"

Josh Borella
Singer / Songwriter
(Album: Left on Upland)


I’ve loved my experience at Omega Music Productions! Art and Randy provide a quality recording studio within an atmosphere of warmth, professionalism, and oozing creativity. With masterful musicianship and engineering, they recorded my songs as if each were a unique piece of art deserving the very best of their attention and talent. I truly appreciate the support and respect they have shown for me as a singer/songwriter. I can’t wait to work with them again.

Cheryl Procaccini

Little Ones Music

Thank you so much for all the time you spent with me. The CD turned out amazing!

Singer / Guitarist / Music Major


Music Industry Professionals

"I've had the opportunity of following the progress of projects recorded and produced by Omega Music Productions over the last year. The quality of what I'm hearing is excellent: clean recorded tracks with a wide and open sound. Songs are artfully mixed, with very tasteful professional arrangements and production. I've known Randy and Art for a long time. They're great guys and great musicians themselves. They love what they do and are extremely dedicated, committed, and passionate about their work. Without hesitation, I highly recommend OMP to record and produce your next project".

Kevin Mowry
Sr. Recording Engineer
Saddleback College Music Department

"I was recently invited to work on a recording project at Omega Music Productions by my old friend, Randy Rusk. I've known Randy for many years and hold both his personal integrity and his musical abilities in the highest regard. Randy has always been an inspiration to me as a guitarist, writer, arranger and composer, but even more so as a human being. His commitment to truth raises the bar for us all.

"When Randy described Art Brueggeman to me in similar glowing terms, I knew that working with Art was going to be a treat and I was not disappointed. Art's passion for the music, his untiring support, his knowledge of OMP's truly state of the art equipment (both modern and vintage!) and his aura of competence, calm and humor made the entire process a joy.

"Sure, these are nice guys and I'm now proud to call both of them friends, but that's not why you hire an engineer or rent studio time so what's the bottom line? How did the finished product SOUND? In a word... superb. More words come to mind, too. Words like "crystal clear, clean, warm, round, and gorgeous."

"Over the course of my own musical career, I've been a performing musician, studio musician, staff writer, recording artist and project studio owner and I've spent my fair share of time and money in various recording studios. Based on my experience I can tell you this: Without hesitation or reservation, I recommend Omega Music Productions. They're great people with great equipment and they deliver great sound, great results, and a great experience.

Thanks, Art and Randy"

Ron Hall
Musician, Singer-Songwriter, Composer, Recording Engineer

"I didn't have to do much with your tracks. I wish all my clients could come to you for recording and mixing."

Chris Landen
Mastering Engineer, Los Angeles

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