OMP Equipment List

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Computer hardware and software

    • Custom PC built to Studio Specs
    • Twin displays
    • Sonar V-Studio 700 control surface
    • Sonar X-3 Producer Expanded
    • Numerous instrument, mixing, and mastering plug-ins
    • Primera Bravo II CD/DVD Publisher (duplicator/printer)

Recording Gear

Pre Amps and Direct Boxes

    • Neve Protico 5012 stereo pre amp (From industry legend, Rupert Neve)
    • A-Designs Pacifica solid state two channel pre amp (Classic "70's sound)
    • A-Designs MP2A two channel Tube pre amp ("Tube warmth up the kazoo")
    • Earthworks ZDT 1022 solid state two channel pre amp ("Like Line with Gain")
    • Focusrite Liquid Channel (Emulates 40+ classic pres and compressors)
    • Sebatron 4000e four channel pre amp (Australian 4 channel tube pre)
    • Mackie Onyx eight channel pre amp (great for drum miking)
    • Sonar V700 interface
    • A-Designs REDDI tube direct box (Hot new DI everyone is talking about)
    • Avalon U5 solid-state direct box (Killer on Bass Guitar)


    • Earthworks QTC 40, Omni Mics, matched pair (4 to 40,000 cycles freq. resp.)
    • Earthworks SR 30, Cardiod Mics, matched pair (9 to 30,000 cycles response)
    • Royer 122v Tube Ribbon Mic
    • B.L.U.E. Kiwi (Classic design, beautiful tracks)
    • Mojave MA200 Tube Mic (From designer of the famous Royer ribbon mics)
    • Audio Technica 4050 (Clear and bright, multiple pattern selectable)
    • ADK TC Tube mic
    • ADK Hamburg, matched pair (Warmer and slightly darker)
    • Numerous models of dynamic and ribbon mics, incl. close drum mics

Outboard Gear and Software Plug-ins for Signal and Effects Processing

    • Neve 5042 Tru-Tape Emulator (Tames transients, "process-to-tape" sound)
    • TC Electronic Reverb 4000 (Renowned reverb engines, true stereo config)
    • Lexicon PCM91 Reverb (Luscious plate reverbs for vocal & Instru. tracks)
    • Drawmer 1968 Stereo Compressor (3 ea.) (Transparent tube compression)
    • A Designs HM2 "The Hammer" EQ (World class processing and mastering)
    • Har-Bal and other Mastering Plug-ins
    • Oxford Suite of effects, including EQ, Reverb, Dynamics Plug-ins
    • Sonar X-3 Expanded modules, including leveling amplifier & concrete limiter

Performance Amplifiers

Vintage Fender Blackface amps (1964 1967)

    • Vibrolux Reverb, original 10 speakers
    • Deluxe Reverb, original 12 speaker
    • Princeton Reverb, original 10 speaker
    • Tremolux, with twin vintage 10 Oxford speakers
    • Tremolux, with twin JBL D110F speakers
    • Bandmaster, with twin JBL D120F speakers
    • Dual Showman with twin JBL D130F speakers
    • Bassman, with twin Eden bass speakers and JBL D104F
    • Outboard Fender Reverb unit, 1966

Modern amps and pedals

    • Roland acoustic amp
    • Numerous guitar effects pedals

Musical Instruments

    • Korg Triton Extreme 88 keyboard/synth/workstation
    • Paul Reed Smith Hollowbody II
    • Gibson Les Paul Custom Supreme
    • Gretsch Nashville
    • Eastman "335" style
    • Fender American Strat
    • Taylor T5
    • Rainsong WS1000
    • Taylor T5 12-String
    • Taylor 814ce
    • Taylor 854ce
    • Fender American Jazz Bass
    • Gibson (vintage 1968) EB2 Bass
    • Resonator guitar
    • Guitanjo (Banjo with guitar-style neck)
    • Mandolin

Studio Environment

The studio has been further expanded and improved with the installation of sound dampening/absorption panels by REALTRAPS and diffusers by RPG. Performances can now be captured in a comfortable room without the reflections and acoustic anomalies typical of home studios. It is quite amazing what acoustic treatment can do. In addition, the control room has been acoustically treated to improve the mixing environment, enhancing confidence in what "You are hearing" when it comes time to mix and pre-master your tracks.

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